Motorola Connect Plus

Connect Plus is an advanced digital trunking protocol engineered by Motorola to provide system operators with maximum operational flexibility and efficiency. This advanced digital trunking technology offers you clear voice communications over a high-capacity system that is adaptable to your needs.

Individual and Group Mobile Network IDs

All radio units on a single system are assigned a Mobile Identity Number (MIN), and any units that are members of a fleet can also be assigned one or more Group IDs (GRP-ID). The MIN and GRP-ID are 16-bit assignments and yield over 60,000 usable ID Codes per system.

Wide-Area Dispatch Networking

The Connect+ system supports wide-area group dispatch from a central location, and an IP-based console is available to further improve the dispatch experience and take full advantage of system capabilities.

Dynamic Site Assignment

With Dynamic Site Assignment, Connect Plus radios may automatically roam between network-sharing sites, and between affiliated networks, without needing to change channels. Roaming radios will automatically register with the site that has the strongest signal and will only use the resources necessary at that site to complete the call, therefore improving system capacity and efficiency.

High Security – ESN and System Access Verification

A unique Electronic Serial Number (ESN) is programmed into each radio that cannot be changed by the dealer or the radio user. The ESN can be read on command from the system, which prevents unauthorized access by outsiders users. A multi-level check further hinders unauthorized users and the network’s radio disable feature makes it easy to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio.

Time-Slot Assignment

All time-slot assignments in Connect Plus radios are made directly by the system infrastructure. Radios and sites may be added to a network, and channels added to a site, without the need to re-program radios.

GPS/Data Features

Basic and Enhanced GPS services are available and may be customized to fit your needs.