Key Benefits

Centralized Command in a Group-Communications Enviroment

Our trunked network is specifically designed to allow users to efficiently and effectively establish group-communications over a wide area. When dispatching each group of your fleet separately for daily operations, this system provides enhanced situational awareness for all user. During emergencies, you can connect separate groups on a common line and communicate from centralized control points throughout our network. Additionally, you can monitor any talk group from any dispatch point or properly equipped mobile radio. 

A Durable and Robust System Design

Since the inception of OneVoice, we have achieved 99% uptime thanks to built-in, back-up power and a full stock of system spares at all of our sites, establishing us as the most reliable communications network in the Northeast. We are also the only network operator with 24/7 system support and monitoring on all sites.

Budgeting Made Easy

Let us help you plan your communications budget through our flexible rental program, which includes scalable systems, all-in-one invoices (including equipment, maintenance and service fees) and the option to negotiate specific Service Level Agreements to meet your requirements.

One Call,

Gets It All

Under the OneVoice system, a single call gets you install, repair, change and network support right away. This allows you to always keep your workforce on the move and your business advancing.